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The Ping Team is a one stop shop for excellence in the design, deployment and support of identity, access and security solutions based on Ping software.


Managed IAM Services

Effective IAM solutions are constantly monitored and maintained by specialist staff. By partnering with UNIFY for your Managed IAM Service, you are engaging the best, proactive and skilled IAM experts to ensure the continued availability and reliability of service. Their knowledge is continuously renewed. Employing and retaining your own staff or contractors to do this requires the building of large amounts of expertise and corporate knowledge, all which can be lost in a moment. UNIFY’s IAM experts are challenged to understand emerging technology and changes to businesses needs so as to enable you to get the best out of your IAM service, fitting seamlessly into your operations and providing enviable depth of expertise, continuity and flexibility. With the largest and most experienced team in the region, we are ready to manage your global business’ Identity and Access Security needs.

Maturity Assessment Programs

UNIFY has assists our customers to assess their IAM Maturity Level and/or assess their readiness to securely adopt Cloud solutions.

A maturity assessment of your IAM Program evaluates your current status, ability to meet future requirements, and how to integrate new business requirements into your current IAM. We partner with KuppingerCole to ensure access to a wide “best practice” knowledge base from numerous projects with vendor and user companies.

Our Cloud readiness assessment looks at whether agreements with your Cloud services Partners are aligned with current Governance requirements, and how to securely integrate your Cloud services into your IAM systems.


Our strategy consulting services help you to accurately identify your business objectives and to plan corresponding IAM services which, using our SaFe™ delivery processes, will secure excellent outcomes. UNIFY is focused on our niche and continuously renews our knowledge of trends and technologies. Accordingly, we advise on the applicability of emerging technologies such as IdaaS, Mobility and Cloud computing while recognising the reality that addressing on-premise and hybrid requirements remain critical.


Our architecture consulting services supports both your Strategy and Deployment objectives. We have the extensive architecture and deep cross-vendor skills that are required to address all the system and application integration issues that are required in delivering successful IAM outcomes. We design end-to-end solutions for heterogeneous environments, incorporate the benefits of emerging technologies as appropriate, and we are vendor agnostic, thus ensuring the optimum design to meet your objectives.


UNIFY provides comprehensive delivery services, including integration, development, project and transition management expertise, for our customers, vendors and ISV partners. We build solutions for on-premise, cloud and hybrid environments. Using proprietary SaFe™ frameworks, methodologies and tools, we minimise the risks involved with achieving successful IAM outcomes. Our specialist platform teams have world class, unparalleled skills.


IAM skills in the marketplace are scarce and expensive, and it is difficult to keep the skills current. For mission critical solutions such as IAM, you require proactive service support to ensure continued availability and reliability. It is increasingly difficult and costly to employ enough internal IAM skilled specialists to manage solutions in a specialised niche such as IAM when resources are required for so many other key initiatives.

Using our SaFe™ support processes, UNIFY offers proactive support and managed support services which ensure depth of skills to service and eliminates your need to employ scarce IAM experts.


We want you to be as self-sufficient as you want to be.

UNIFY’s Identity Management Training Academy was established in 2009 to develop the IAM design, implementation and support skills of customer staff, partner staff and tertiary students. This is a global practice which in the past year has delivered courses and seminars in Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand and the United States. You can design your training program with the Academy which offers courses at UNIFY premises or local courses in regions that suit your operational requirements.

The Academy Learning Seminar Series is delivered by global authorities in the subjects presented.

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