The Ping Team is the APAC Ping Identity & Security Practice of UNIFY Solutions. We protect identity and defend privacy using Ping Software.


Highest quality, lowest risk

Ping Identity® has been recognized by Gartner, Inc., Kuppinger Cole, Forrester Research and IDC as leaders in IAM and Federation Identity, the only IDaaS vendor to be recognized for leadership in several critical identity security categories.

Ping Identity provides a proven platform to assist keep corporate data safe and increase employee productivity. Security that specifically targets endpoints, cloud, networks and email is not equipped to cope with the growing numbers and diversity of devices, systems and workflows. Using Ping Identity products to focus on authenticating user identity versus protecting the endpoint, organisations can secure access to any application and from any device, anywhere.

The Ping Team is a one stop shop for excellence in the design, deployment and support of identity, access and security solutions based on Ping software. We have developed this Team to provide a very safe choice for our customers – to ensure you get processes right from the outset. The Ping Team enables more secure, identity-based access to systems, applications, and data both on-premise and in the cloud from virtually any location or device. It promotes and enables use of a single identity across an organization and provides seamless, always-on connectivity, management of organization identities, credentials, information protection, system and application settings. The Ping Team solutions help organizations reduce ongoing security costs. When you appoint a member of The Ping Team , the knowledge of the entire team is channelled to ensure your project delivers best practice across the complete Ping Identity solution stack. The Ping Team comprises MVPs and identity and access management security specialists who understand very complex processes and have successfully deployed identity and access systems across most industry sectors and across geographical and technical boundaries. You will not be training consultants on your job. You will be engaging a team that minimises customisation and resultant lock in to solution providers. The Ping Team is supported by teams of developers; server and security infrastructure and support engineers; business analysts, and project managers.

Meet The Ping Team.